Different Makeup Tips for Every Eye Contact

Different Makeup Tips for Every Eye Contact

When you get down to it, makeup is an art form all on its own. While the canvas may be replaced by the skin of someone’s face, the outcome can be truly magical and completely transform a person. The ability of some of these artists to transform themselves into other people using simple makeup techniques is truly phenomenal. As with most body modifications, makeup has seen certain trends go in and out of style over the years. There are so many different products and types of makeup that are a huge part of everyday life for such a vast number of our global population. and across the globe through so many different cultural uses for the craft. So why not spice it up that little bit more with some coloured contacts too.


In western countries, we see makeup in so many people’s lives with around half the population engaging in its use at least once in a blue moon. The variety of different products allows the user freedom to manipulate their features the way they see fit whether this is simply a touch of mascara for that special occasion or the daily use of every product to create a full glam look. In a world where we are all looking for ways to best express our personality, this option is the easiest and most basic. Previously, makeup was only marketed to women, however, we are seeing a constant increase in the number of men who are venturing their way into the world of makeup and discovering that it is a unisex practice that can be fun and effective for all.


Across the rest of the world, we see all forms of makeup being used in different manners and perhaps under different names. Throughout history, many countries have used forms of makeup to enhance their desired features or to meet the cultural expectations of the era. Many of these products have become mainstream over the years – for example, Indian henna which is now in widespread use for many different applications including the effect of freckles. Ancient Chinese makeup applications, such as winged eyeliner and blood-red lips can also still be seen globally in recent and current trends. Conversely, there are other country’s ancient trends that we would be shocked to see worn in modern times. These include that of the Russians who would blacken their teeth and take drugs to enhance the size of their pupils – a look we would likely imitate with costume contact lenses these days.


Stage makeup and FX makeup are also examples of dramatic and frankly artistic styles that are used. Though not a look you would expect to see on the streets or in our magazines, the finished products can be bewildering through downright stunning. Through the use of prosthetics and putty to build up and break down features, FX makeup can be and is used to completely modify the face and neck shape of the wearer. Often seen in movies or stage shows to dramatize features, these designs can often take hours to administer. With the introduction of CGI, we naturally see a lot less of this style of makeup in movies, however, in the absence of digital doctoring, these methods can be extremely effective. If you think this might be something you’d enjoy trying out, kits with the basics can be bought relatively inexpensively on the web. These kits will include items such as gels, latex, and fake blood to get you started on your experimentation – pair it with some glow in the dark contacts and hey presto you have the spookiest Halloween or dress-up option.


halloween contact lensesWhen using contact lenses with makeup, you must be very careful to avoid cross-contamination. With numerous products often made with high levels of oil and pigmentation, it is extremely easy to get the product on your lenses which can irritate – you may find your purple or vampire contacts are now bloodshot red. To ensure you do not cause this irritation it is imperative you wash your hands thoroughly before applying but equally important to insert the lenses before you apply your eye makeup. As the trend becomes more popular including the option to purchase everyday colours rather than simply stand out ones, we are seeing much more options in quality including many Halloween contact lenses available from different brands. Whilst cheap does not always mean nasty, it is important to be vigilant with the quality of your product and ensure there is no damage to packaging before use.


Coloured contacts can be an easy and effective way to enhance a simple look, to provide the opportunity to change things up, or even to invoke shock and awe. The products themselves have come a long way in quality and accessibility over the last few years with some brands even offering variations of the product for prescription contacts. The range of colours you can purchase the product in are also growing. Previously designed with a gore style in mind, many natural or natural passing colours are now available, and whilst having a purple iris might seem unbelievable, some of the options are exceptionally subtle making it nearly impossible to notice.


If you want to make the most of your coloured contacts it is important that you match colour schemes in your eye makeup to ensure they pop. If you’re going for a brown contact, you have the most freedom – most if not all colours of eye makeup will complement this colour. For blue contacts, your eyeshadow will compliment you best with coppers and golds. For Green, a pink or a purple will best match your lids to your eyes. To minimise the risk of particles getting in and around the contact, it is imperative that you use a quality eyelid primer and or a cream product to ensure that it will yield to the lid. This will also benefit in ensuring that your look will last much longer. And lastly, always take your contacts out before removing your makeup (but after washing your hands) and if you intend to wear them again, make sure you are storing them correctly and hygienically.