Self-Defense is Useless, Try MMA Instead.

Self-Defense is Useless, Try MMA Instead.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a combination of different martial arts disciplines covering striking (punching, kicking, elbows, and knees, etc.) to grappling (takedowns, throws, joint locks, chokes, etc.). It is a very controversial sport as some folks believe it is THE ultimate martial art (including the Legendary Bruce Lee), while others deem the practice of training MMA to be barbaric.

MMA is one of those things that seem incredibly violent at first; however, it has a set of advantages that are hidden. This blend of a ground game, striking, and clinching will teach you invaluable fighting abilities. You will discover how powerless you truly are against a trained fighter as they effortlessly handle all your futile attempts to fight back- it’s a truly humbling experience and inspires you to learn.

In other words, MMA offers World-Class Bully Defense
All right, if you are like Dwayne”The Rock” Johnson, perhaps you needn’t know MMA. However, if a stronger man attacked you, the odds are not stacked in your favour. Remember, there’s always a bigger fish. Unless you’ve got the skills to teach them a lesson, they can beat you!

MMA presents an opportunity. In all martial arts, weight, size, and strength are big factors- however, Boxing and Wrestling are the two of the biggest martial arts where weight has an impact. The shorter, weaker man will have problems against a boxer- the lighter, weaker man will have problems against a wrestler- if you were strong and big, you’d select someone weaker to ensure your victory. This same mindset applies to criminals choosing easy victims, people who”do not look dangerous”. MMA offers a different option as- if you can’t box, wrestle, and if you can’t wrestle, box!

Muay Thai and Wing Chun are powerful martial arts too. Many may instinctively be afraid of being all tied up with someone, attackers who aren’t trained may also try to grab you, believing you’d lack power from such close range or trying to smother you in fear. But “Clinch arts” like Muay Thai and Wing Chun are perfect for situations like this, deceiving your attacker into thinking they’re safe, then finishing the fight right then and there with a short-range elbow or punch.

Finally, because you would be so confident in your skills to man-handle any attacker coming at you, you will naturally appear more confident and it will show in your body language. Attackers will naturally be repelled from you as you no longer appear as “the weak target”.

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